Solar Street Light

Model - Luminary 11W CFL 6W LED 9W LED 12W LED 18W LED 24W LED
Application Solar Street Lighting, Outdoor Application
Automation Dusk to Dawn
Load Operation Theory Constant Voltage and Constant Current
Solar Module Wattage (max.) 100Wp 160Wp
Recommended Module Size (as Per MNRE) 74Wp 40Wp 40Wp 50Wp 75Wp 150Wp
Battery Compatibility Solar Tubular Lead Acid Battery
Recommended Battery Capacity 12 V
Rated Working Voltage 12V DC
Rated Working Current (± 30mAmps) 1050mAmps 500mAmps 750mAmps 1000mAmps 1500mAmps 2000mAmps
Electrical Specifications  
Converter Type Buck Converter
Rated Working Output Voltage 9.2 v ± .2V
Rated Working Output Current
(± 10mAmps)
  580mAmps 880mAmps 1180mAmps 1760mAmps 2350mAmps
Load Details 4 pin 11W CFL Tube 6W LED Luminary 9W LED Luminary 12W LED Luminary 18W LED Luminary 24W LED Luminary
Luminary Converter Efficiency >85%
Charging Current (max.) 6A 10A
Luminary Converter Frequency 100Khz
Solar Charge Controller Efficiency >90%
Self Current Consumption <20mA <10mA
Battery Depth of Discharge <75%DOD
Optical Specifications  
Light Output (lumens) 850 ± 5% 650 ± 5% 920 ± 5% 1220 ± 5% 1900 ± 5% 2450 ± 5%
Light Coverage @ 4m Pole Height   Min. 10Lux Min. 15Lux Min. 22Lux Min. 31Lux Min. 36Lux t
Lamp Type Compact Florecent Lamp High efficiency and long life white LED
Led Life >50,000 burning hours
Display / Indications  
Battery Low Warning Red LED blinking
Battery Low Disconnect Red LED glowing
Battery Charge Green LED glowing
Battery Full Charge Green LED blinking
PROTECTIONS :- No Load Protection Provided, Short Circuit Protection, Luminary Reverse Polarity, PV Module Reverse Polarity, Reverse Current Flow to PV Module, Battery Reverse Polarity, Battery Temp Compensation, Battery Over Charging, Battery Deep Discharging, Luminary Reverse Polarity
Battery Full Charge 1.300 Kg. 1.700 Kg. 1.700 Kg. 1.700 Kg. 1.700 Kg. 2.100 Kg.
Advantages :
In-House Designing / Manufacturing of PCB's
Best quality LED's for longer life (50,000 burning hrs.)
Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation
Substantial Power Savings.

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